Our membership is FREE. AEA-HK welcomes all Hong Kong IT Architect professionals to join.
If you have query on membership please contact  Enquiry.

Member Benefits
- Entitlement to join the activities and social functions organized by AEA-HK.
- Entitlement to join subcommittees and interest groups as set up by the Executive Committee when appropriate.
- Entitlement to subscribe to the latest IT Architecture news via e-mail.

Membership Application 
There are 2 ways to join AEA-HK as member: 

1. Join in the AEA-HK LinkedIn Group as member below:

2. If you are the member of AOGEA/AEA, you can also go to: 
http://www.globalaea.org/?page=Join_Chapter and choose Hong Kong chapter in the registration form.

Social Media Channels  

Members could also get updated news of AEA-HK via social media channels:

- Facebook



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