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Event Highlight: Architecture and Practices on Cloud Interoperability and Portability (24 Sep 2013)

This speaker session was a joint event by EASIG, CCSIG, and AEA HK. Dr Thomas Lee, Chairperson of EASIG and Application Architecture Manager of Airport Authority Hong Kong, shared his experience in serving on the Working Group on Cloud Computing Interoperability Standards under the Office of Government CIO. He believed cloud computing would become the next big Internet wave, bringing about another economic revolution when key interoperability issues could be resolved.

Dr Lee explained the fundamental concepts of cloud interoperability and portability, and talked about the reference architectures and architectural principles for designing interoperable cloud applications. In particular, he introduced the Open Group Guide on Cloud Computing Portability and Interoperability. He expressed that architects could develop enterprise architecture and standards for cloud adoption based on similar resources from many local and international cloud initiatives. He thought they could also make contributions by sharing their cloud adoption experience through these initiatives.

The event was well received and attracted a large audience of IT architects, managers and consultants. Concluding the talk, Dr C.K. Wong, Advisor of EASIG and CCSIG, shared his views on how local IT vendors might capture new opportunities in the China market through developing cloud service components.



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